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Translation specialists

We are a Venezuelan company that offers professional translation and interpreting services in highly specialized fields, complying with the highest standards of quality and adapted to the requirements of the most demanding clients.

Tradamérica C.A. was founded by linguistic services specialists desirous of creating an innovative translation company that focuses mainly on:

  • LEGAL & CERTIFIED translation,
  • ECONOMICS & FINANCIAL translation, and
  • TECHNICAL translation

We also offer:

  • STANDARD translation in electronic format, and
  • CERTIFIED translation in print format with the official seal of a Certified Translator

With extensive experience spanning more than 10 years, the company provides its services in Venezuela and abroad.

Aware of the growing need for efficient services in the area of translation, we feel a commitment to our clients. For that reason, we have decided to commit to the country’s development through our know-how and experience. Because translation is not something that can be improvised and because it is one of the most demanding professions, we are convinced that the training and experience of our staff are our main strengths.

Get further ahead with us

Our main objective is to offer a comprehensive professional translation and interpreting service that is geared to meeting our clients’ needs and helping them to get further ahead with their professional, academic and business projects.
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